Exclusive to our award winning range of swimming pools, Pool ColourGuard® is the world’s first surface protection system for fibreglass pools that guarantees the colour will not fade.

Incorporating patented technology and backed by a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*, a pool with Pool ColourGuard® provides superior defense against chemicals, water and ultra violet rays for pool colour that will not fade, even after years of regular use.

A pool with Pool ColourGuard offers the following benefits:

  • Pool colour that does not fade wtih a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* – the extensive range of fibreglass surface finishes is protected from colour loss and weathering.
  • Superior defence against chemicals and water – accidental and unintended readings of low pH and high chlorine leves will not harm the pool’s brilliant colour or textured finish.
  • Withstands the effect of UV rays – acts like sunscreen on your pool. Special ultraviolet absorbers and inhibitors dramatically minimise any degradation of the surface by ultraviolet light.
  • Brilliant high gloss finish – never before seen on swimming pools and is maintained year after year.

Only a pool with Pool ColourGuard® can offer you all of this

The complete Pool ColourGuard® range of 11 colours each incorporates a superior, high gloss surface finish never before seen on swimming pools that is maintained year after year.

Crystalite® Series

Silver Mist




Marble Series

Artesian Mist

Assana Blue

Volcanic Ash

Black Coral

Starlight Series



Cosmic Blue

* Conditions apply

Please Note:

Every effort has been made to represent the true colours, however variations may occur due to climatic conditions and your computer monitors settings. The final product may be subject to a colour variation and it is recommended that you view a physical colour sample prior to colour selection.