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Outdoor entertaining is easy with our Beach Entry Pool Designs. 


Kids will love the shallow wading area, or simply add aquatic chairs or waterproof beanbags for a relaxing afternoon watching the kids splash around in the generous pool area.


There is no excuse not to have a lazy Sunday afternoon with these resort style pools!


Take a look at our beach entry pool designs & sizing 

Bedarra (4).jpg

Bedarra and Hayman

(click an image below to enlarge)

1-200-Drawing(2018)LargeExternal_Bedarra copy.jpg
1-200-Drawing(2018)LargeExternal_Hayman copy.jpg

Positano Wader and Fontane Wader

(click an image below to enlarge)

Positano Wader
Fontane Wader
Positano Wader Drawing_edited.png

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