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Act now, unwind later with a Halo Swim Spa, Spa or Sauna

Halo Swim Spas

Australia's first fresh water swim spa, utilising the Naked Swim sanitisation system.


Experience the comfort and elegance of our seating arrangements, perfect for those cherished moments with family or friends. Our spacious swim spas ensure there's always a perfect spot for you, whether you're seeking social interaction or individual rejuvenation.


Our swim area is designed for your daily exercise or leisurely relaxation, providing you with the freedom to move unrestricted and turn it into your aquatic playground or workout space.



Halo 4.5 Swim Spa

4.5 aerial.png

Halo 4.5 Swim Spa

Halo 4.5 Swim Spa

Compact in design, but abundant in its offerings. With a comfortable seating capacity for five, its the ideal oasis for families, couples and individuals seeking a serene swim spa environment tailored to their needs.

5.8 aerial.png

Halo 5.8 Swim Spa

Halo 5.8 Swim Spa

Not just a swim spa but a flexible extension of your home, offering both a revitalising swim area and a seperate soothing spa zone, which allows for

dual-temperature control.

Halo 2.3D - Side View (1).jpg

Halo Spas

More than just features; our spas are about integrating luxury and relaxation into your daily life by offering a tranquil escape, or enhancing your routine with moments of serene joy. Choose Halo for an experience that transforms each day into an indulgent journey.


Behold the Halo 2.3D

A masterclass in spa design, blending smooth contours and luxurious features into a spacious and inviting package.

This spa is a statement of elegance and comfort, extending your living space into the outdoors. The Halo 2.3D is not just about relaxation; it’s a celebration of refined taste and communal joy, featuring two recliners for an unparalleled dual relaxation experience.  With room for up to five, it’s a social centerpiece that promises individual relaxation within a group setting. Whether it’s family time or a tranquil escape, the Halo 2.3D offers a multifaceted spa experience, ensuring every moment is cherished.

The Halo 2.1S Spa

Designed to fit up to five people, & offers a luxurious spa experience in a compact 2050×2050 mm footprint. Its key feature is an exclusive recliner, providing a personalized relaxation space within a communal setting.

This model’s sleek design beautifully complements any outdoor space, making it an attractive addition for both social and solitary occasions. The spa provides a range of customizable features, including adjustable jets and mood-enhancing lighting, to create the perfect ambiance for every bather.

The Halo 2.3S Spa

An epitome of sophisticated design and social-friendly features, all encapsulated in a generously sized layout.  The Halo 2.3S is an innovative approach to communal relaxation, offering a spacious setting that encourages socialisation while still allowing for moments of individual relaxation.  Its standout feature is the single recliner, complemented by additional seating for up to five, making it perfect for family gatherings or hosting friends. The Halo 2.3S invites you to bask in its communal ambiance or indulge in the exclusive comfort of its recliner, creating a diverse range of experiences for all its bathers.

Embrace the luxury and innovation of the Halo 2.1D

Transforming your outdoor space, this spa is a haven of relaxation and sophisticated features.  The Halo 2.1D offers a unique experience, not just as a spa, but as an enhancement to your lifestyle. Featuring dual recliners, it provides a personalised and intimate spa experience within a communal setting. Perfect for family enjoyment or solitary relaxation, it adapts to every mood, making each moment special and rejuvenating.

Step into the world of the Halo 1.6

A luxurious spa crafted for those who value compact elegance and relaxation. This model offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, ideal for personal retreats or intimate gatherings.  More than just a spa, the Halo 1.6 enhances your home’s comfort with its sophisticated design and inviting relaxation space. It features customizable settings, including adjustable jets and mood-setting ambient lighting, to create your ideal spa experience.

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Halo Saunas

Experience the comfort and sophistication of a Halo Sauna
Each model, from the cozy 2-seater to the spacious 4-seater, uses advanced heating technology for perfect warmth distribution, blending seamlessly into any home decor.


Halo Saunas represent more than luxury; they are gateways to enhanced well-being, built with durable materials and thoughtful features like chromotherapy lighting. They offer a personal retreat to unwind alone or with loved ones, providing an affordable luxury that elevates your home and health.

Halo 2-Seater
Halo 4-Seater
Halo Spas
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